Can a single action be creatively catalytic in effort and effect?

May we truly listen to the wind and waves and utter her words for all the world?

Is a prayer from the heart as large as a shout in a crowd?

Only with a relationship and understanding of the natural world can we realistically engage with the challenges, both environmental and social, that we are presently facing. Peter’s contemporary practice hopefully enables a sense of reconnection and compassion through the use of appropriately derived materials, and cross-disciplinary actions and events.

…this BLOG has been created as an aid and a means to computate, formulate and communicate the development of the contemporary ecological art practice of PETER WARD who is presently studying as part of the MA ART & ENVIRONMENT programme at UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FALMOUTH. The course has been created by Dr DARO MONTAG, experienced lecturer, course leader and process artist, and co-founder of the RANE research cluster based at UCF. Such initiatives are being taken in response to the political and environmental issues and challenges we are presently facing as part of the GLOBAL COMMUNITY, and in light of the positive and active role that ART may play…


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