Presentational Ways of Knowing…

sue in the rhodedendrons, tremough gardens (pw2011)

Art-based collaborative learning toward sustainability

On Wednesday 20th April the MA A&E group participated in an excellent workshop facilitated by RANE PhD student Natalia Eernstmann, who is currently asking…

“How does/can art contribute to the development of sustainability literacy among citizens, which enables them to explore, design and bring forth sustainable futures?”

During her enjoyable and comprehensive presentation and series of participatory exercises she introduced us to the idea of ‘Presentational Ways of Knowing’, which appears to be a great basis for any creative learning experience…

“The knowing in an intuitive grasp of significance of patterns as expressed in graphic, plastic, moving, musical and verbal art-forms.” (Heron & Reason) 

  • Sensuous Encountering: Using all our ways of sensing to experience the world directly with a whole-body sense of curiosity and appreciation for the glorious mundane.
  • Suspending: Holding back the intellect from prematurely rushing in with a show of certainty, planning and quick answers to dispel anxiety of dwelling in complexity and unknowing.
  • Bodying-forth: Seeking to articulate the process of making manifest that which we have ‘got to know’ through sensuous encountering and suspending. This is the fruit of suspension.
  • Being in-formed: Becoming beings who’s living and actions form and are informed by the rich experiences, surprises, provocations and evocations of presentational knowing, both as perceivers and creators.
For further information and links to art/nature-based learning visit

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