in preparedness

a contemporary art practice 

mission statement 2011

  2 bundles in a birch tree, haldon forest (pward 2011)

this shape, so fluid in form

articulating a space between the formless

interpreting the impenetrable within energetic entity

if I were to harp and strum about saving the world

would you really listen? I think not.

we all are, human or no, a lot brighter than that

and if we were to start our conversation

from this point of wholeness

where might we go from there?

so, here’s no need to hurry the hippopotami

it has been happy wallowing in warmer waters

since before the time began

and, here’s no need to charm the chariot

we will gladly gallop home

until the earthly fire no longer burns


aboriginal art . ana mendieta . arne naes. chris drury . david abram  herman de vries .  joseph beuys . mark dion . orly orbach . richard long . rupert sheldrake . suzi gablik

  deep end, westward ho! (pward 2010)

In the years to come we may be asked to remember and relearn the ways of creativity, humour and intuition, clarity, versatility and instinct, symbiosis, sensitivity and foresight to resolve and achieve resilience in the face of constant global instability brought about by our immanent attitude of arrogance and invincibility.


To explore that dimension of our be(com)ing that has proved itself fully capable of survival and exemplary invention throughout its evolution, as part of the multi-faceted and sensorial ecology within which we (seemingly) long to remain a constructive and harmonious part.


By listening and responding to the animate and socially dynamic world in which we live and the positioning of such ‘moments of creative departure’ that wilfully embody and encourage the experiential means, conversations and processes by which we may engage with contemporary circumstance.


Application through use of appropriately derived energetic media and collaborative action within the interdisciplinary culture, we may maintain to celebrate, communicate and affirm the triumph that is our holistic and continual mutating existence.

 3 mudstone heads, st audries bay 5 (pward 2011)  bundle of sticks + mudstone, st audries bay 1 (pward 2011)

Thus, in answer to the indomitable words of Frederick Sommer…

“Some speak of a return to nature.

I wonder where they could have been?”


I might furtively suggest…

“Shopping, maybe?!!?”

  dog circle drawing 2, westward ho! (pward 2010)

 all words & images © peter ward 2011


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