solstice 211211

Today the world is apparently and perceptibly round (or at least an ovoid formed through a universally construed contextual energetic and materially bound rotation). Tomorrow everything will have changed or at least moved slightly within the emergent reality of which we are a perpetual part.

 reflection, northam burrows pw211211

Despite such existential profundities ‘life goes on’ and we, as the communal entity of life on earth, must continue to feed ourselves, find shelter and procreate in order to survive. Such conscious and intrinsically implied choices within the symbiotic milieu provide the adaptations pertinent to our evolutionary determination. Or, in other words, there is a universal sense (and sensibility) to our proliferation, a profound commonality that connects us to the totality – to all the writhing and wriggling, to the perpetually perambulating miasma of our animate belonging.

To explore and discover, to stretch the boundaries of our understanding is all very well, but at the root of this inherent inquisitiveness is still the need to support and sustain our bodily form, our material momentum, our misappropriated misfortune, our imperfect perfection. So maybe we are well enough, complete enough, intelligent and strong enough already to breathe another breath, to formulate our fertile role within the airy firmament. Maybe we are ready to deliver the solution to the ridiculous predicament we find ourselves in without too much further pontification.

So tomorrow is another day (but then again it never comes)

and I am alive within this moment with wonder and with thanks.

I will find or make adequate shelter.

I will collect some dry sticks.

I will make a fire.

I will gather ingredients for a meal; cook it and eat it.

I will share this food with others and give thanks.

I will appreciate warmth and community and rest in the security of my dreams.



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