doing nothing

ecology being an observation upon nature rather than any movement at all

There is always a time to not do
To neither give nor receive
A need to withdraw
To not participate or intervene
To add nothing new to the mix
But then where is the fun in that?

 dune erosion 2, northam (pward 2012)

I am presently privy to an ongoing dialogue
Struggling to encapsulate (or not) the apparently essential
Framework within which this work resides
The dynamic parameters if you like
For another’s understanding of the ecology of an art movement
An art of ecologically inspired becomingness

And herein a difficulty stirs
Absolutely-all-being in relationship of some kind
Everything acting on or by or with whatever else
Energetically at least
Nothing not doing
Intentionally or otherwise (at least on this we can agree)

So in order to define
One must decide to what goal these actions make
Where things might begin
Along what path they do run
Towards whom this call is called
And to not deny or ignore such purposeful politic

 frozen grass, northam (pward 2012)

In this processional functionality lies the key
The propaganda of my song
Not where we sit or stay
Or how big or small
Made of this or that
But of what nature is its line of flight, its trajectory

Personally, I positively sit within an ‘-ist’
Rather than an ‘-ism’ (as that is for others to decide)
For me this is a dance of change and influence
Of transformation from one moment to the next
A performance, a ritual, a permutation of kind
And an education, both practical and aesthetic

But enough is enough
In order to survive
I shall preserve my energy for another day
Cast no more heady aspersions into the ether
I have had my fun
So it is time to do nothing once again…

 padlock bundle (master), northam (pward 2012)

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself” Zen Proverb

(PW 2012)

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