Common Sense* – is it really so hard to believe?

 what’s the rushes 3, northam (pward 2012) 

It is hard to believe that in this age of ecological crisis
When our very survival, as well as that of our co-habitants in this beautiful world,
Is so much under threat by our own actions
I might feel complacent regarding any movement I could make
To, in some way, resolve the situation both for myself and others.
How can I sit back as the very earth upon which my excellent life depends
Is torn apart, ripped asunder in the name of necessity and progress –
My family and fellows murdered and exploited,
As we poison each other, starve each other, torture each other
For profit, for science, for academic and cultural adulation and in fear of just how clever we are?


So what is the root of this not caring, this not believing-in,
This lack of energy towards our existential salvation
(Particularly with regards an altruistic consensual activism)?
How can I not wake up every morning determined
To fight for justice, for reconciliation with our intrinsic worth?

track between 3 objects, northam (pward 2012) 

Well, to be frank, I have become sick and tired of the ridiculous
Nature of our predicament, the astonishing lack of sense
That our apparent intelligence and power has manifest,
This perpetual denial, this all-too-educated ignorance
Upon which our civilization depends for itself to be sustained.


I am bored stiff of stating the bleeding obvious,
Of redressing, of re-imagining, re-purposing indeed, what we all already know, in oh-so-clever rhetoric
In this our mighty effort to undermine the unwilling, the profit-worthy and the more-than-clever.
How many more times can it all be said, in how many different colours and hues,
Before we realise that our actions are merely undermining our very patronising selves?
How can we not all realize that our behaviour is perverse –
That our greedy, needy, competitive relations are destined for total destruction?
Or that, throughout our whole evolution, as we have always known,
Through one way or another, that to sensibly respect all life
As part of ourselves is enough to simply and miraculously survive?

dune erosion 4, northam (pward 2012) 

Surely our redemption is a tale of common sense?
We do not need to repeat ourselves any more,
Nor research and refine yet another convoluted intellectual path
Away from what is right under our feet, right here in the palm of our hands –
If we cannot be ourselves then maybe we are not fit to be at all.
Evidently without a faithful determined communal action all is lost.
But just what it is, what grand or gentle gesture might we impress,
To shake the smug from the dollards delighted dream?
A friend of my father, a healthy man, lived by a policy of ‘everything in moderation’ –
And thus I shall moderate, not deign to manipulate, but peaceably (continuing to cut the crap).
So, to conclude; partly I feel my inaction is due to an apathy based in disbelief –
Disbelief that, despite our common sense, we continue to allow things to go so far astray.
And partly it is a not knowing what more I can reasonably and sensitively do,
Without upsetting too many more apple carts that is, without going insane that is,
Without becoming just another extremity of our self-indulgent folly.
So I will work (when I am able) to become the change I wish to see in the world.

 crow ascending, northam (pward 2012) 

(*For me, Common Sense is our shared practical intelligence, the accumulated knowledge of our relationship within this world. It is knowing that if we poison the waters and the earth we poison ourselves, if we cause suffering we will also suffer, if we hurt our neighbours they are likely to want to hurt us in return, if we eat all the food then there will be nothing left to eat, that if we give freely and responsibly our needs will be provided for. It certainly isn’t rocket science.)

PW 2012

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