working together

expressions of an intimate ecology for a deeper appreciation of nature

As a visual artist my working life has been predominantly experienced in isolation; as a painter, long lonely hours confronted by choice of colour, canvas and composition; or writing and researching amidst the streams of academic (mis)appropriation; or walking miles to ascertain my path, my consequent creative challenge – to sense the world about me as one and to communicate this singular relationship.

there is no rush, penryn (f owen + p ward 2013)there is no rush, penryn (f owen, p ward 2013)

But thankfully, most recently I have been blessed with a shared assimilation of this process – an akin-ness to cause and intent of purpose – a working together towards a more joyful expression in love of our intimate ecology. Though not without difficulty, both in practice and power, such voluntary coupling has revealed a richer more profound conversation, a splendid personification of meaning among it all – this nature that is our own nature that we do become.

a partnership in mud, penryn (p ward 2013) a partnership in mud, penryn (p ward 2013)

We hold hands as we work, with each other and the world. Doubling the dynamic. Increasing the intensity, the openness to subtlety, the shared appreciation of our transience and time. We dig in the soil and splash in the waves and daub the walls with our dreams, learning a new language, binding us together in a multitude of forms, telling stories too ridiculous for words but manifest in this world – we eat and sleep and play, we make love and laugh beyond our understanding, we listen to the wind, sing to the beasts and cast poems in a tumbling fall of fresh, clear water. It is a world worth celebrating, worth protecting, worth loving and understanding, worth building together.

a carful of sticks, westward ho! (f owen + p ward 2012)2 a carful of sticks, westward ho! (f owen, p ward 2012)

This working together has affirmed a common cause, a meaning beyond words; a touch, a kiss, a spirited sigh, a collecting and gathering together of those things that give us power with thanks and consummate joy, a means to share, to offer up and support each other in this quest for peace.

P Ward 2013

(For more accounts of this ongoing creative collaboration please visit

5 Comments on “working together”

  1. A beautiful post Pete, happy new year to you and best wishes for ever relating deeply where you are

  2. Thank you Pete, this has been a shared journey which I have wholeheartedly embraced with you and may it continue to inspire and positively infuse x

  3. dianajhale says:

    Beautiful post and thanks for link too – I am now following that blog too!

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