rolling stone, watwick bay, pembrokeshire, december 2012

During a recent visit to Dale in Pembrokeshire I rolled a conveniently located large disc-shaped stone across a sandy beach drawing a line. 180 images of the process were taken by Francesca Owen, which were then edited to create this short film using i-movie…

…The quote by Joan Miro that closes the film is one of my favourites:

“If you lack the materials to work with, go to the beach and draw with a stick in the sand, draw on the dry earth with a line of piss, make a drawing of the song of the birds in the emptiness of space, the noise of the water and of the wheel of a cart, and the song of the insects. All of this may be swept away by the wind and the water, but have the conviction that all these pure realizations of my spirit will influence, by magic and miracle, the spirit of other men.” Joan Miro, 1940

P Ward 2013


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