night waves, westward ho! 812013

A simple meditative film of waves breaking in the early evening on the beach at Westward Ho! in North Devon taken on my HTC phone with natural sound. The evening was grey and darkening. I particularly enjoy the colour and image distortion, and hence painterly mood, created by the limitations of the technology. BEST VIEWED IN THE DARK…

The quote at the end of the film is taken from Christopher Spence’s book AIDS – Time to Reclaim Our Power, published in 1986 by LIFESTORY. I have always felt that such intentions are equally important for any situation in our lives when (re)empowerment is needed, although another motivation, especially in this time of global ecological crisis, is maybe just that – necessity

‘The only sound enough motivation for doing anything is joy. All other motivations, such as guilt, compulsion, obligation and duty only lead us to dissatisfaction, tension and resentment. When we are engaged in what truly gives us joy, we lead ourselves inevitably to more and more challenging, powerful lives which affect more and more of the world.’ Christopher Spence

P Ward 2013

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