Ambition (no longer blind)


What has gone wrong?

What has gone astray (within the critical framework of suggested crisis)?

And where is the sense in ambition unfounded in practicality and passion,

Or meaning lost in a dry process of unfathomable wordy rhetoric,

Fulfilling the well-oiled trends of contemporary academic consumption

But missing the point most poignantly?


found pollock, westward ho! 11213 (pward 2013) found pollock, westward ho! (pward 2013)


And how might we retrieve that feeling

Of hope and joyful purpose that set our innocent imaginations reeling

At the beginning of our journey, or even sometime before

When inklings were astir within the weighty cauldron of this vivid sharing

And only understood as intuition or dreaming of a resolute future,

Resilient and honest and rooted in the love of all?


Are we left to simply pray,

Or act most guardedly of our brave and brilliant intentions,

Whether sensible or responsible or even just beautiful,

Founded in the wisdom of our heartfelt animate belonging

Our earth and soil and blood and water in which we breathe –

The power of fire and light and darkness?


talking sticks, northam (pward 2013) talking sticks, northam (pward 2013)


I ask for strength and clarity.

I ask for the means to perform my preferred and peaceable purpose in this place.

I will make my way with whatever is at hand

And step one step and each most gently

As springtime rises within

Amidst Nature’s tireless glory.


westward rainbow, 11213 (pward 2013) westward ho! rainbow (pward 2013)

P Ward 2013


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