timeless discoursed…


what are we doing?
what are we doing right now?
what have we been doing?
what have we done?
what will we do?
what do we do?
what did we do before?
what have we undone?
what is this that we are doing?
what is it that we did do?
what is this that we shall be doing
when all is said and done?
what will we be doing
after it has happened?
what will we become
if everything is gone?
if there is no air
if there is no water
if there is no earth
if there is no food
or fire to keep us warm,
we may feel rather foolish,
we may feel absolutely nothing,
if there isn’t anything at all.
this i understand.

painted driftwood triptych, westward ho! (p ward 2013) painted driftwood triptych, westward ho! (p ward 2013)

On offering the above poetic excursion to a respected friend to peruse it was accused of exhibiting a rather didactic nomenclature, being somewhat opinionated and hence possibly disallowing imaginative participation for many readers. But begging to differ, as is my want, I thereby suggest that any and all statements are contestable. Even perhaps those that are most edifying and offensive to the sensibilities of the liberally inclined deliver most provocatively just such cause for cataclysmic departure (albeit somewhat deterministically limited by dualistic tendencies within thought and discourse). While it may admittedly be declared that my linguistic deliverance is a little wanting within this acclaimed literary genre, it may just as easily be surmised that all statements, literally adroit or not have an equal capacity for creative response.

frosty steps, northam burrows (p ward 2013) frosty steps, northam burrows (p ward 2013)

Thankfully healthy relationships are (most possibly rather than most definitely) based upon an easy acceptance and celebration of difference as well as similarity – difference creating a dynamic for organic and prolonged growth and evolution rather than a dissatisfied sense of compromise; opposition presenting worthy challenges in the face of stultifying stagnation when enjoyed within an attitude of good humoured trust and benign mutuality. Without such obstacles in our path how might we begin or continue to appreciate the many strengths and intelligences of our intrinsic limitations and beauty.

84 dots (bideford black; 112x78cm; 2008) 84 dots (bideford black; p ward 2008)

So, long may we share our ego-fuelled individuality with love, integrity and joy, knowing that it is such enduring diversity that makes a whole world alive in animate becoming and without which any sense of peace might readily be known as death.

P Ward 2013


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