fleetingly perturbed and somewhat upset by the insensitivity of fellow fumblers on the foreshore I did begin to question the ethics behind sharing my work of gathering local earth pigments. others too have noticed the sense of  protectiveness felt when asked the whereabouts of the sites and sources of our gatherings and creative resources. whether this is through a sense of selfish ownership, or of local pride, or more in recognition of the damage that has and may be wrought by our species and to which we might endeavour not to contribute, is difficult to discern.

must we simply trust in the power of the earth to protect itself, to provide its own dynamic mechanisms of regulation, its own ethics, enforced in roundabout ways, through subtle and profound and sometimes earth shattering consequences? or must we trust more in the respons-ability of others and the intentions of our own actions – as artists to provide an open and creative space within which we may engage the physical and energetic fabric of our brief residence and hence to make our own observations and conclusions?

making off with treasure (pward 2013) making off with treasure (pward 2013)

we live and learn amidst this abundance. our arrogance, that we may in some way determine earth’s destiny, constantly diminishing our power to do so. we are only little clumsy creatures scattered about this place, etching our hopes and dreams into its richly diverse surface, impressing upon ourselves, entertaining our own right to be. to live in joy as we breathe our perfectly prescribed time here. of course my petty miniscule procurement of pigment with which to paint and explore the natural processes to which we are prone are somewhat insignificant when compared to the age and the ocean that formed and continues to re-form this precious present.

but still to see the wasteful scattering and shattering of this immanent perfection by others and myself is enough to make me stop and think – how much may I take? is what I do contributing adversely to any destruction that is naturally taking place? are my actions unfairly undermining others enjoyment of this existence and place? or is there justification in my purposeful plundering for all? whether our actions do or not, such questions seem important to dwell upon as we weave our way within and amongst and upon this earth. maybe without them we have no sense, no compassion, no ethos and no love…

a gurt dollop of muck! (orange clay, fremington quay; p ward 2013) a gurt dollop of muck! (orange clay, fremington quay; p ward 2013)

“Re-engaging with the raw materials from which our lives are shaped is a potent reminder of the difference between what is real and what is only illusory” Anna Konig, Resurgence Magazine

P Ward 2013

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