how invisible may i become?

how invisible may i become,
how virtual in my being,
how camouflaged among the foliage,
how indistinct from any others who purport to express the same,
how discredited, how disrespected, underrepresented and misunderstood,
how taken for granted, how unacknowledged, how comfortable in my nonentity?
if i were to sink back and back and breathe slowly and silently
or slip my head beneath the safety of the waves and dive down and down
or dig a hole deep and dark and bury myself in it,
would i be walked upon more than i am already
or swept aside and ignored more than i am now?

in the earth, exmoor (f owen:p ward 2013 in the earth, exmoor (f owen/p ward 2013)

do i not shout loud enough or shine brightly enough
or whisper clearly enough or use enough clever words?
are they too long or too short or just put together incorrectly?
or do i not put myself in the right place at the right time
or know the right people or ask for what is rightfully mine?
am i simply missing something, not seeing what’s right in front of my eyes,
some logical conclusion or analogy to make my essence clear,
some distinctive nuance of purpose and worth
to allow others to share their fortune
to become valued in this world?

cordyline tag, westward ho! (p ward 2013) cordyline tag, westward ho! (p ward 2013)

i am often told how gifted and talented i am when on show,
for which I am truly grateful and without which I would not know
how kind and capable, in word and deed,
how practical and sensitive to others in need, how skilled
and just how invisible i have become.

sand, sticks and shadows; northam (p ward 2013) sand, sticks and shadows, northam (p ward 2013)

but then i am a lucky one –
i have a house and a home
i am loved and cared for
i am neither hungry or thirsty or cold or even ill,
i am simply disgusted at how so much talent can go to waste
how these precious resources are more often misused and abused,
how such potential may remain unharnessed, how so much love is lost.
now if i move inwards quickly enough, turn about and within this radiant form to leave an empty space,
maybe i can create a vacuum into which all the wars and stupidity will be pulled at once
and leave us all to wonder at just how invisible we have become?


P Ward 2013

One Comment on “how invisible may i become?”

  1. carolyn black says:

    Reblogged this on Carolyn Black and commented:
    this is beautiful and thought provoking. On the day following Thatchers death, a good way to reflect upon the human condition, and the impact that governments past, present and future can have on our welfare state, meaning both state in power and state as in condition of wellbeing

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