home 1513

within and without this proximity
this air and earth
this body and breath
in which we share
through touch and taste and sight and smell and sound
just what we are
and may become
in limitless community
exercising subtle calculations
towards possible mutability
and sense what sense
there might be here
these birds and beasts
and other entities
that befriend us
and listen and learn
to value all
to conjure magic and mystery
within symbiosis
endlessly revealing


shuffle, northam (pward 2013) shuffle, northam (pward 2013)

turning, northam (pward 2013) turning, northam (pward 2013)

copy, northam (pward 2013) copy, northam (pward 2013) 

tracing, northam (pward 2013) trace, northam (pward 2013)

virtual, northam (pward 2013) virtual, northam (pward 2013)


P Ward 2013

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