of this earth


i am of this earth

a participant in this bewildering process

not above or about

or at some anaesthetizing distance


i take. i give.

i temporarily tamper in this wondrous working

for better or worse or simply for a change

under no pretense that my actions will save us all – for it is not my place to do so.

beach debris – traces of life, northam (p ward 2013)beach debris – traces of life, northam (p ward 2013)

but there are those of us who cast from more lofty places

sowing errant aspersions upon the actions of others, upon the doom and gloom of our failing ventures,

self-important interventions amid the mental chaos of some ideal future:

unlike the eagle who simply soars


and unlike the grass that simply grows

or the whale that swims so deep

or the spider that spins so intricately

for the fly who flies…


i am of this earth

a not-quite-really-knowing-co-conspirator in this heavenly firmament

un-carrying the weight of the world that is not mine to carry

nor bearing the brunt of those who choose to blame


i have stepped down from my own irksome pedestal

to taste the sea salty wind, to ascertain a distant gesture,

letting life be

out of my hands

P Ward 2013



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