letter to a friend departing

(for pete with love)

it is not easy to know what to say
nor just quite how to say
what our memories so vividly recall
at a time such as this
the depth of feeling and of thanks
for experience shared
with humour and love
with grace and respect for life in all its many colours
yet this again is life
our nature taking its perfect course
so thank you dear friend
thank you with all my heart
for we have loved each other and others with ourselves
we have made a life more special and more rich through our shared knowing
and we will remember each other wherever we are
in this and this hereafter
believing or not
this is all
facing here and now with courage and joy
with thanks for all there is;
the future, a great unknown,
a simple step away with magic made…

d11 (charcoal body print; pete sakulku 1995) d11 (charcoal body print; pete sakulku 1995)

P Ward 2013

2 Comments on “letter to a friend departing”

  1. Jim says:

    I can’t sat say anything more than you have already eloquently written Pete
    goodbye Peter Sakulku

  2. jo bushell says:

    Beautiful, honest, freeing

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