we swim together 11713


to swim in the ocean

just drifting, just breathing

whatever effort i make takes me nowhere, seemingly

without gauge or perspective or relative position

without depth

i can see the shore

and I can see you

but I cannot reach you


over there an island floating like me upon the rhythmic sparkling swell

beneath me a crab scurries, following my movement, keeping up, echoing me –

do we know each other from another place and time?

there are fish with red fins in the shallows i can see.


somewhere else a friend makes ready to let go of this life

he is in my thoughts and soon he will share in this immensity –

he believes in seven parts – different phases of the moon,

each with its own issues to resolve (or not)


and this night i see the new moon near the horizon

low between the treetops

we kiss as we say hello and make a wish

the sun is low, the air cool


and i know love

turtle (bideford black on paper; p ward 2013) turtle (bideford black on paper; p ward 2013)

P Ward 2013


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