Good to be showing (off) again…

Alongside my current projects with the historically significant North Devon earth pigment Bideford Black[i], I have also taken the opportunity to show some work locally. There is something comforting for me about the simplicity of making work and then showing it, of putting together and being part of a show, whether for commercial or artistic reasons or a combination of both, with no preconceptions or expectations of outcome beyond that – the pleasure of making and sharing. Thankfully I have moved beyond the desperate worries of acceptance (or not) – I make what I make, I do what I do, and am confident and happy about my process and conceptual motivation – and despite my youthfully optimistic but so far unfounded hopes that I may make a living by simply selling any carefully crafted objects I produce, there is still a great pleasure when one does (and for the more money the better of course – we can’t all happily live on the crumbs and scraps so often and gratefully tossed our way!)

garden (earth pigments on driftwood; 2009); dragonflies (earth pigments on canvas; 2009) garden (earth pigments on driftwood; 2009); dragonflies (earth pigments on canvas; 2009)

Recently I have sold a few paintings through workshops, connections and presentations I have given about earth pigments and some have been sold for charity events[ii]. I am exhibiting locally in the studio of ethical jeweller April Doubleday[iii], as well as a small display (initially as part of the Bideford Bay Creatives ‘Culture Show’[iv]) in the window of internationally renowned eco architects Gale & Snowden[v] and also as part of the Westward Ho! & Bideford Art Society Summer Exhibition at the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford[vi].

‘painting with the earth’ window display, Gale & Snowden Architects, Bideford, p ward 2013 ‘painting with the earth’ window display, Gale & Snowden Architects, Bideford 2013

While for some showing work within the acceptable, accepted and traditional arena of the art world might seriously diminish any political or conceptual integrity the work might hold, for me it is simply another opportunity to share, to show off and even to push the boundaries a little with work that I hope communicates the spirit and joy of being within this world. I am playing my part with the skills and aptitudes I have developed and been granted in this lifetime. I am empowering myself (and hopefully others) through action, through exhibiting not only my work but my passion and freedom to do so…

work on show at wh!&bidarts summer exhibition, bideford, p ward 2013 paddling in the surf (pen and pencil on handmade paper, 2010); storyteller 2 (earth pigments on canvas, 2009); 4 colours, river umber (earth pigments on paper, 2008); real geology, map reading – folds (folded paper, 2010) on show at wh!&bidarts summer exhibition, bideford 2013

P Ward 2013

[i], and

[ii] and

[iii] – April is a British, Ethical & Fairtrade Designer/Jeweller, making Contemporary Jewellery in her studio on the North Coast of Devon. She uses the coastline, rock formations and the sea as inspiration for her designs. Creating jewellery of beauty is just as important to her as her ethical standards. Her commitment to sourcing conflict free diamonds and Fairtrade gold is paramount. April’s work is modern and contemporary. Each piece of ethical jewellery is individual and unique and can be made bespoke for you, using certified 18ct & 24ct Fairtrade gold, recycled silver wherever possible and the added service of recycling your gold, the possibilities are endless.


[v] – Gale & Snowden Architects, based in Bideford and Exeter, are an internationally renowned company specializing in energy efficient design for private and public commissions. Their ecologically inspired, award winning work is founded in the principles of permaculture, employing appropriate technologies and locally sourced skills and materials wherever possible. Most appropriately for this exhibition this office sits almost directly above the seam of historically mined Bideford Black running through the town that I use in my paintings.



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