it is not that I do not


it is not that I do not

wish the world well

or see a future without fear


it is not that I am not big enough and ugly enough

to be brave enough to speak out

in the face of adversity


nor that I cannot live without

a sense of my own

beauty and love and diversity


I have simply become impatient

with this lack of sense of commonality

with this lack of obvious simplicity


with too much waste and indulgence

with too much frivolous denial

and too much cynical self reproach


for power and integrity

for love and humour and joy

for all that is not negative


old and new growth (p ward 2103)  old and new growth (p ward 2103)drawn and traced (p ward 2013)  drawn and traced (p ward 2013)grave for a moon jellyfish (p ward 2013) grave for an unknown moon jellyfish (p ward 2013)

P Ward 2013


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