in here I feel safe.

in here I may look out and see the world

without touching and without being touched.


in here I may even assume a position of power

without reprisal or physical confrontation,

without influence or affect in the world.


I am inert, albeit temporarily…


but without, I am assured,

is the world that furnishes within

within which I do presently reside.


and without is somehow an echo

but more full of pleasure,

of touch and smell and taste,


with more depth and more possibilities,

with more potential to embrace life

in all its detail and complexity.


nevertheless, within I am alone;

if I get lost then no one will find me

beyond the spectral manifestations of my imagination,


the inhabitants of a landscape of dreams,

neither spirit or form.

and when I awake they will be gone.


but this is merely one perspective,

literary conjecture founded in time already spent,

reflections upon inside and out.


and without doubt,

I may reach you

from wherever I am…


without? fence, wool, waterhole, sticks - northam (p ward 2013) without? fence, wool, waterhole, sticks – northam (p ward 2013)

P Ward 2013


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