2 foolbirds to be


I break from my morning meal to follow these two fellows onto the foreshore.

I wonder what the tall one is gazing about while his little friend stumbles in circles at his heels.

I make to meet them but…


An onshore breeze carries a scent of sea and mud and late samphire to my large nostrils.

I become transfixed by the early autumn sunshine over the estuary and long low hills.

My newly found family continue to graze and amble amongst the dew, biting and nipping.


The big black shiny foolbirds are scattering a foul plastic mess again in their search for scraps,

Curleylews shriek mournful warnings – heralds of comings and goings across the salt marsh –

And the tall fellow and his friend continue their daily inspection


Bemused by my air of projected satisfaction and contemplation

Head up and hopefully aware of an otherworldly recognition,

A common sense of pleasure in our place to be.

sunrise over appledore (p ward 2013)sunrise over appledore (p ward 2013)

P Ward 2013


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