What is success?


In this material world it is something I have found hard to come to terms with (or achieve).

As a concept it is difficult to measure, to enjoy and even to aspire to

When judged in terms of, and against, the failings and misfortune of others.

But in a world of animate totality, of dynamic energetic exchange

What might this much-maligned expression denote?


If I do not live among mountains, how may I climb them?


momentary composition, westward ho! (p ward 2013) momentary composition, westward ho! (p ward 2013)


Is it simply a moment of movement,

A statement in time of our good-natured evolution,

Taking all and everybody’s best interests into account?


Is it a milestone of achievement, material and otherwise,

A gateway to another place, another sense of consciousness,

A breath before another, without judgement,

A knowing as yet unknown?


quite cold really, westward ho! (p ward 2013) quite cold really, westward ho! (p ward 2013)


Or is it a building block that we willingly grant ourselves

A stepping-stone, a rope swing, a train of thought, a shift of perspective

That leads us elsewhere?


circles around ourselves, northam (p ward + f owen 2013) circles around ourselves, northam (p ward + f owen 2013)


And who is to say, other than ourselves,

If we have succeeded or not in our own intimately chosen path,

If our own limitations have been reached or challenged sufficiently,

Or if those standards are to be universally acknowledged

And recognized by just a few (who should really know better)?


paradise, county clare, Ireland (m a ward 2013) paradise, county clare, Ireland (m a ward 2013)


In an ecological sense

Succession is a phase of transition

A holistic progression towards a more fitful state

A communal symbiotic process in relation to all

Without end.


I shall keep this in mind

As I fail

As I make fresh and exciting mistakes on a daily basis

As I make ready for change

As I step into the unknown

Yet again…


october waves, westward ho! (p ward 2013) october waves, westward ho! (p ward 2013)


© P Ward 2013

2 Comments on “SUCCESS”

  1. Clare Thomas says:

    I realised, reading your post, that I have not thought about success at all for the past few months, except in the sense of “does this piece work?” or “was doing this work a waste of time?” to which the answer can always be, in some way, yes to the first question and no to the second.

  2. I like that idea that something is worthwhile if it supports ecological complexity and flourishing and not if it doesn’t.

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