so lately


get more closer here

to feeling pulses pulsing

touched each other gentle

tasty ground about


lively-landscape-earth-pigments-pva-on-laos-handmade-paper-80x60cm-p-ward-2009_0lively landscape (earth pigments; 80x60cm; p ward 2009)


breathe more deeper deeply

swim beneath the tall trees

eating rainbow clouds up

in you ‘n’ this ‘n’ that


a slippery wetness

a dirty earth-ness

a cleansing thirst-ness

of air and spirit fullness


clifftop-drama-pencil-on-driftwood-52x36cm-p-ward-2009cliff top drama (pencil on driftwood; 52x36cm; p ward 2009)


we are fools and idiots

and lunatics and mad people

you and I

that we may do well to deny


as i jump at the chance

although there is none

to chatter insanely with thee

face to face to face to face


cat-and-mouse-earth-pigments-pva-on-laos-handmade-paper-80x60cm-p-ward--2009cat and mouse (pencil; 80x60cm; p ward 2009)


your ear

your mouth

your eye

your heart to start


when dancing and prancing

below the sandy meadows

where loam-filled worms

cast the soil and sand


for the greenwood

to the fair

for our home

the sea and all these ‘ologies


new-drawing-earth-pigments-pva-on-laos-handmade-paper-80x60cm-p-ward-2009new drawing (earth pigments; 80x60cm; p ward 2009)


so mole me over more

and time and time and time

will willfully aspire

to inspire to this end


we have no gas or oil

we have but sticks and stones

we have light and fire

we have the power now


to let us fly like birds while we can

and spin fine filament in memory (lest we forget)

for futures not yet set in stone

upon which to build our dreams


running-inland-oil-on-board58x66cm-p-ward-2008running inland (oil on board; 58x66cm; 2008) 

© P Ward 2013


2 Comments on “so lately”

  1. Clare Thomas says:

    I like the drawings, how come we haven’t seen anything like them before now?

    • pw130524 says:

      when one hasn’t the space to swing a cat, let alone keep the remains, tis awful constrictive! pleased you like them. quite old now but will hopefully get the chance to do some more one day 🙂

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