an autumn walk through monksilver 281113


Despite my familiarity and frequency of visit to this tranquil rural area of West Somerset over the last 18 years I had never done this walk before, so close to my brother’s cottage.  From the back garden gate, across a country lane and a simple stile into a field of rich terracotta earth, we follow the crystal clear meandering stream, flanked by mature oak, maple, beech and holly, amongst others, holding stories from long before the motor car. As we immerse ourselves in the birdsong of buzzards, green woodpeckers, long-tailed tits and blackbirds, time’s influence loses its grasp. Returning along high-hedged lanes to a simple lunch and an afternoon spent pottering in the garden – raking leaves, weeding and chopping wood for the evening fire – until it was too dark to see what we were doing properly. A whole day busy outside, without driving, was enough to leave me somewhat lightheaded but deeply refreshed through nature…

woodford fields, west somerset (p ward 2013) woodford fields, west somerset (p ward 2013)

woodland walk, monksilver, west somerset (p ward 2013) woodland walk, monksilver, west somerset (p ward 2013)

tree trunks, monksilver, west somerset (p ward:f owen 2013) tree trunks, monksilver, west somerset (p ward/f owen 2013)

autumn walk, monksilver, west somerset (p ward 2013) autumn walk, monksilver, west somerset (p ward 2013)

nettlecombe fields, west somerset (p ward 2013) nettlecombe fields, west somerset (p ward 2013)

My own tendency, for whatever reason, is to seek comfort and depth in relationship to my environment through familiarity, through retracing my steps again and again to seek more and more subtle variation and diversity over time. But every so often it is necessary to change those sensible and safe patterns, to experience the world anew, to refresh our senses to other perspectives and possibilities. Blessed be boredom. Blessed be routine and blessed be temptation, inquisitiveness and bravery…

And many thanks again to Francesca for leading me astray!?!

© P Ward 2013

2 Comments on “an autumn walk through monksilver 281113”

  1. Nice reflections, pictures & words, thanks.

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