All of me 6714

I watch my baby boy

As he sits upon my lap

Playing with his own shadow

Experiencing the whole of himself,

As Mr. Abrams would have us believe.[i]

shadow play, ilfracombe (p ward 2014)shadow play, ilfracombe (p ward 2014)

I chase my own shadow

On an evening bicycle ride

The sun setting over the ocean behind me

Seeing a distortion of my ageing self

A youthful form cast upon the tarmac.

MAMIL, Ilfracombe (p ward 2014)MAMIL[ii], Ilfracombe (p ward 2014)

© P Ward 2014


[i]”The actual shadow does not reside primarily on the ground; it is a voluminous being of thickness and depth, a mostly unseen presence that dwells in the air between my body and that ground. …an umbral depth that extends from the pavement right on up to my knees, torso, and head-a shadow touching me not just at my feet, but at every point of my person.” – David Abram (Philosopher, Ecologist, Performance Artist) from THE SPELL OF THE SENSUOUS – DAVID ABRAM (New York; VINTAGE; 1997)

[ii] ‘Middle-aged man in lycra’!!??

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