a space for creative investigation of an indigenous ecology

“I believe in empty spaces; they’re the most wonderful thing.” Anselm Kiefer[i]

as mentioned in a previous post myself and partner, francesca owen[ii], have recently taken on a new workshop space in the north devon seaside town of ilfracombe. it is the first time that either of us have had such a large space dedicated solely to our work and as such are somewhat daunted but very excited by what the venture may hold.

ilfracombe- derelict space, fuchsias, elderberry pavement (© p ward 2014)ilfracombe: derelict space, fuchsias, elderberry pavement (© p ward 2014)

having both finished the MA art & environment course at falmouth university and sharing a similar ethos and intent towards our work, as well as an interest in natural pigments, painting and now a beautiful baby boy called noah, we have taken the plunge and invested last year’s profits into this, our latest venture. as said, we are not yet entirely sure what the space may hold but apart from exploring our own practices as contemporary environmental artists we are looking forward to inviting others to make use of the space both through workshops and also possible residencies, events, talks and even small performances and film screenings. the general theme behind our work looks at how creative engagement with our local ecology, its animals, rocks and plants, may inform and enrich our lives. to do this we are willing to work with other individuals, groups and organizations with similar interests and motivations in order to share our skills as contemporary artists towards a more sensitive and sustainable relationship with the world.

eARTh- greenclose road twilight, ‘stuff’, sorting pigments (© p ward:f owen 2014)eARTh: greenclose road twilight, ‘stuff’, sorting pigments (© p ward/f owen 2014)

ilfracombe has most recently received attention for damien hirst’s input into the town, with a public sculpture, verity, on loan to the local council dominating the harbour, a restaurant, small gallery and most recently a controversial new housing development. whether we like his work and actions or not the changes that have been promoted by his presence have brought renewed vigour and investment to a previously deprived and neglected place. the town is now alive with newly opened and expanding commercial art galleries and shops and a more artistically-minded public now wander the architecturally intriguing lanes and streets. ilfracombe is still a working fishing port, with links to south wales through a now defunct but hopefully reopening ferry route, but essentially income comes from tourism. it is within this exciting and burgeoning environment that we have chosen to place our new and shared practice – eARTh.

eARTh- sorting past work (© f owen 2014)eARTh: sorting past work (© f owen 2014)

eARTh- storage (© p ward 2014)eARTh: storage (© p ward 2014)

so far we have been familiarizing ourselves with the space and area, taking time to reconnect with past contacts and meeting new ones, both human and otherwise. we have filled the space with our old work, made space to store it and even started to make some new work – francesca has somehow been forging ahead despite the constant demands of little noah! for myself, it is taking a little longer. I have a large quantity of paintings on canvas, paper and board from before our MA, as well as more recent sculptural pieces, and am sorting and evaluating this work in relation to my academic experience. this task is both tiring and emotional, if not somewhat liberating, but I hope that the process will help put me back in touch with my work after a long period of enlightening deviation but also debilitating rejection and disillusionment with the academic and artistic establishment and create space for new ideas and work to take root.

eARTh- temporary installations (© p ward:f owen 2014)eARTh: temporary installations (© p ward/f owen 2014)

our first scheduled event will be in november, to host the monthly meeting of combe business[iii], a not-for-profit consortium of local businesses aimed at supporting, advising and developing a sustainable business model for the ilfracombe, woolacombe and combe martin area of north devon. for us, it is an opportunity to provide a space for people from different areas of business, including fishing, agriculture and retail, environmental bodies, the creative industries and transition town movement, to share and discuss ideas and possibilities for the place of art and the cultural services within the region’s development. it is of course also a chance to share our own work with a new audience and make contacts of our own. obviously we cannot, and have no intention of shaping a specific outcome from the event, but hope that it will inspire and provide new ground for thinking creatively about our shared interests.

eARTh logo (© p ward 2014)eARTh logo (© p ward 2014)

but for now we must continue to sort and store, making our first tentative steps towards our new life here. i am looking forward to doing some painting again after many years away, seeing where my new knowledge and experience has taken me, and how my simple marks, my dots and dashes and stripes, may sing again with the resonance of this bounteous place…


© p ward 2014





3 Comments on “eARTh”

  1. Every best wish for eARTth, what a brave, generous venture!

  2. Celia Wilson says:

    Best wishes for your venture, the space looks great!

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