simple tasks


as an artist experiencing cessations in the creative flow

or an utter lack of enthusiasm for making from time to time

it is heartening to experience how the most simple actions

no matter how difficult they may sometimes be

like folding and tearing paper

grinding some local earth pigments

and painting basic patterns

(with the intention of creating a set of cards for sale)

can enliven my spirits

get the mind ticking again

and lead to a bounteous plethora of new ideas and directions

earth dots (north devon pigments on paper) © p ward 2016earth dots (north devon pigments on paper) © p ward 2016

whether it is something particularly inspiring about the whole process

of collecting pigments in the landscape and making paint

or whether it is evident in all forms of simple creative actions

i’m not sure

but it feels good

and reminds me of how art has enriched and inspired my life for so many years

earth lines (north devon pigments on paper) © p ward 2016earth lines (north devon pigments on paper) © p ward 2016

i like my work

i like what I make

and i am eternally grateful to the universe for offering me these gifts:

the ability to perceive beauty

the aptitude to make beautiful things

and the opportunity to inspire others to do the same…

painting with eARTh day, Hele Corn Mill 15216, images courtesy Sophie Twisspainting with eARTh day, Hele Corn Mill 15216, images courtesy Sophie Twiss

© p ward 2016

4 Comments on “simple tasks”

  1. alisonsummersbell says:

    How I empathize with this! Being at a point of cessation of creative flow and lack of making It’s good to be reminded that just starting maybe all that is needed. Creating the mindset and focus is always the challenge. Beautiful, simple stuff of earth and gratitude as the foundation is a great place to connect and reconnect.

  2. Celia Wilson says:

    Great what simple marks and repetition can create!

    • pw130524 says:

      thanks celia! since working with earth pigments the imagery in my work has quite naturally tended towards simple marks and patterns – it seems to be what the materials suggest (interesting in relation to traditional aboriginal imagery), allowing the pigments to be seen most powerfully in their original form and also expressing best what i am hoping to say with them – celebrating the beauty, energy and resonance of Nature! there is also a satisfying and therapeutic rhythm to the process of making. i will carry on… 😉

  3. Celia Wilson says:

    I like to let the pigments talk, too! If I make a work, it’s hopefully them, not me. After I’ve made some paint I like to use it there and then, while the energy and brilliance is still there.

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