Peter Ward A BUNDLE OF STICKS MA A&E dissertation 2012

Peter Ward A BUNDLE OF STICKS MA A&E dissertation 2012

a reflective process towards cultural ecologic empowerment

As an ecological artist my practice is rooted in a sense of our evolving relationships within the animate earth. Art, as a holistic interdisciplinary process, is the means through which I investigate and share these relationships. It is an intimate response to the social and ecological conditions of our age.

Inspired and informed predominantly by the principles of Social Sculpture and instruments of consciousness developed by Joseph Beuys and Shelley Sacks , and by an appreciation of traditional indigenous cultures and practices, A BUNDLE OF STICKS as a simple process, has provided a rich emergent structure through which to examine and develop my work and its potential to enrich and transform our lives.

This essay is a document of that process, outlining some of the aesthetic and ecological issues an active and reflective engagement with A BUNDLE OF STICKS has revealed.

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