i am utterly magnificent


i am utterly magnificent,

resplendent in my omnipresence,

as old as the hills and as fresh as a daisy,

feet deep in moist fertile soil,

head in the clouds

and joy in my heart.


my eyes sparkle with a million stars,

feet dance to the breaking waves

oscillating to the rhythm of the cosmic spheres

and time in all her many guises.

i sneeze with all my might –

laughing, laughing, laughing…


powerful beyond measure,

knowing all that is

becoming myself

in humble




small things (felt pen, p ward 2009) small things (felt pen, p ward 2009)

whisper (pen and pencil); white birds (oil on canvas, triptych) p ward 2009 whisper (pen and pencil); white birds (oil and earth pigment on canvas, triptych) p ward 2009 

I am utterly magnificent (digital image from pencil drawing, p ward 2009) dust II (digital image from pencil drawing, p ward 2009)

(The images above have been taken from ‘an antidote to grieving’ a body of work completed in 2009 while recovering from the passing of my father, grandmother and aunt, their relevance as pertinent today as when first created. The use of art as a process of healing, acceptance, understanding and empowerment should never be underestimated…)

P Ward 2013

sticks in the wind – westward ho! 24113

On a recent visit to my local beach I stuck a stick in the sand.

The various elemental forces in play instantly transfixed me, filling me with a sense of exhilaration – the wind, the weight of the stick, its texture, form and flexibility, the tentative support of the sand and shingle creating a viable tension and suggesting a living, breathing entity through which I might relate to my place within the world.

I have since been playing with this idea using a variety of sticks of different weights, lengths and thicknesses and in different weather conditions. This short film documents some of my initial experimentation…

For me the installation brought to mind David Abram’s analogies of air as the living elemental entity within which our collective thoughts reside, …

“Finally, and most profoundly, this invisible medium, in which we are bodily immersed, is what provides us with the capacity for conscious thought.” from The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

… and of fire, being a product of the other elements, as well as the animate nature of all being, a belief in which gives faith and understanding to indigenous cultures around the world …

“With everything having life, with everything having speech, with everything having the power to breathe, with everything having the power to teach and guide, with that in blessing we live.” from the Navajo Blessingway ceremony, recorded by Gary Witherspoon, also from The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram[i].

(Coincidentally, I am also presently enjoying a course of acupuncture!?[ii])

P Ward 2013

[i] David Abram, The Spell of The Sensuous (New York; VINTAGE; 1997)

[ii] The principles of acupuncture and holistic healing within the context of art and ecology are presently being explored by American ecoartist Aviva Rahmani in her Trigger Point Theory, whereby interdisciplinary actions are defined and implemented through a range of analytical tools within specific ecologies to catalyze an effect. To find out more visit http://www.avivarahmani.com/. I have also previously written about such ideas on this site https://intim8ecology.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/art-as-flux/