Digging in the Dirt

still working (together) to unearth a sense of ecologic expression

Despite prolonged respite from the imbalance of intellectual restraint and academic conceptualisation it is with some regret we must announce that this most personable aesthetic conversation is struggling to reveal the treasures that such shared passions have promised. It is certainly not a matter of lack of talent, or lack of desire for that matter – we have bucket loads of both. Nor is it through misunderstanding or dishonest perception of our circumstantial condition – we can see our world with all four eyes, looking outside and in. But practically speaking the economic, or at least financial climate within which we currently reside, and our own malingering downtrodden sense of poverty has temporarily overwhelmed any sense of optimism that henceforth breathed and pulsed within our eloquent evocations of spirit and love…

Digging in the Dirt 2  tehidy woods, north cornwall (p ward 2013)

So then what shall we do, if not buckle beneath the oppressive dominance of capital and self-imposed slavery and familial media negativity? We shall dig in the dirt and walk in the rain and relish decay and be awestruck by beauty and age and kick shit in the faces of those who would wish us ill through greed, ignorance, pity and petty law making.

Digging in the Dirt 3 tehidy woods, north cornwall (p ward 2013)

We touch the earth and sense the power that is held within.

We hold the earth and listen to the wisdom of its age.

We shape the earth and share its stories with the wind…

Digging in the Dirt 4 north cliff and godrevy bay, north cornwall (pward 2013)

Or more simply we shall give ourselves the time and space to spend doing those things that give us joy, that make our hearts and minds sing and that make life so special and full of love.

Digging in the Dirt 1 godrevy bay, north cornwall (pward 2013)

 P Ward 2013